About Amor

Amor  for import and export Company was established in 2001. At the outset the vision was to build its core competency around the FMCG business, with an eye on developing a world-class product distribution network in Jordan. Over the next three decades amor leveraged the power of innovative thinking, long standing expertise, and best in class sales and marketing strategies to accelerate growth

Our Mission

To achieve market leading share by producing, representing and distributing the finest brands.

To be the preferred supplier by providing best in class service.

To be Employer of Choice through our winning culture, professional environment and commitment to development.

OUR Vision

To improve people’s lives through our brands, service and employees

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Amor world Of Beauty

Amour Company:

From the beginning in 2001, we were exploring ourselves by adding new core values ​​such as integrity, integrity, creativity and innovation, as well as experience and quality.

These values ​​have become part of the company's concepts from the beginning. With these values, we have continued to grow in the commercial sector,

Everyone has the right to dream, but in order to turn this dream into reality, the company needs human potentials that are capable of weaving the themes of these experiences, ideas and information together and turning them into a strong structure called Amor.

About the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Fares Bani Hani and his vision:

The responsibility of the first leader is to determine the truth, and his last responsibility is to thank others, which is that the commander is considered a servant of the nation. "Max Depprey"

Success in life is achieved through the strength of determination and hard work.

His business philosophy combines the philosophy of modern business with the realization of traditional ancient works. Since Mr. Fares Bani Hani is a man of modest beginnings, he has realized the need to contribute to various social issues such as education and community development.

Mr. Fares Bani Hani - Chairman of Amour Company

- Bachelor of Business Administration.

- Member of the Union of Arab Businessmen.

- Member of the Association of Jordanian Business Committees.

Chairman 's speech

I believe that success belongs to those who dare to dream first, then put a plan, and finally work to achieve their plans and goals.

We will strive together to be trustworthy, fast-changing, and face-to-face with the community we work for. I am sure that the efforts we are making today will do well in the future.

My main task is to raise the human cadres and urge them to work as a team to meet the challenges of the future and succeed in accomplishing the tasks that will be assigned to them.

"The best operational way is to have enough experience to pick good people to do what they want to do, and to be restrained enough to keep them working," said one philosopher. "Theodore Roosevelt"
"That is why we must accept all opinions and ideas and accept new concepts with an open mind, driven by enthusiasm and determination to achieve what can be seen as an impossible goal.

Fares Bani Hani

Our Structure